Tavasco Wholesale customers are Storefronts, Online Sellers, International customers across North & South America.

Yes, we can Sell it, Label it, Pack it, and Ship it for you to you FBA Company. Everyday we are doing it for Amazon, Walmart, storefronts, and international customers, and retailers.

Amazon FBA Seller creates shipping labels and send to us.

No, we offer best price.

Tavasco Wholesale has been suppling companies like your for many years.  We response to FBA companies verification process daily.  Please if you are not sure about how the process works.  You probably are not going to get approved.  We heard many times from online sellers.  Something people tell you what you want to hear to go forward.  Built your online business by selling a lot of products and over time your FBA Platform will approve you to sell more products.  They reward successful FBA Professional Seller that are in good standing.

Product authorization comes when the FBA Platform reaches out to supplier and we response with information they are requesting.

FBA Platform reviews our information and approve you or not.  Tavasco Wholesale can only verify information FBA Platform asked for.    

We only do 2 things in this process:

  1. We will communicate with FBA Platform information requested.
  2. Provide pictures to customers if invoiced is paid.

You may have to request multiple times and send the same information again and again.  We are not able to tell the FBA what and when to do it.  They receive ten of thousand daily for approval.  They take it very seriously.  This doesn’t happen quickly.

You will request approval to sell product on FBA platform.  If you want to be successful at this process.  You will submit a paid invoice and request the online platform to contact the distributor contact information for verification.  Do not change or modify invoice before you submit to online platform.  Understand you may be asked for other information.  The platform will give you a list of items.  They are not asking for all of them.  They are asking you to provide usually one of items.

ZELLE Payment, Check, direct deposit, and money wire.

Things You Need Understand:

  1. Do you know how to: Buy, Ship, and Sell on FBA Platform
  2. Order must be over $700.00+ USD
  3. Authorization Email – We send out a email after Payment received – You must confirm you are authorized and approved this payment for Invoice # in question.
  4. Returns or Cancel order – 20% restocking fee within 7 days of order. Credits toward future purchase are allow.
  5. Refunds – We will charge a service fee of $25.00 for processing refund.
  6. Shipping – We do not offer Free Shipping. – You will get best shipping with FBA Platform.  Damage during shipping.  It is your responsible to work with UPS, Carrier, or FBA Platform to resolve any damage or receiving issues.  You are the customer of record and need to follow up.  We will help providing signed BOL or verify the UPS Labels were shipped and received.
  7. Approval/Ungating to sell products on FBA Platform. We will verify invoice with FBA Platform and provide pictures as needed.  You may have to request multiple times) – for FBA Platform reach out to us verify.  FBA Platform makes the decision if you are approved.  Tavasco Wholesale can only verify information FBA Platform ask for.